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I’ve been always curious to know what other Rhodes developers background and their interest on Rhodes and Mobile App development in general. Since Rhomobile google group reached its 100 members, now is the good time to ask questions. Let me know if you have other questions, so that I can add more polls. Advertisements

Previously Part One – Syncing public Tweet on Rhosync server Part Two – Displaying public Tweet on iPhone Simulator Part Three – Posting your Tweet via Rhosync Simulator At the previous post, we created MyTimeline to display your friends tweet as well as posting your own tweet from Rhosync server. Today’s tutorial to show and […]

It’s not ruby related, but I thought this is interesting news. The google translation of this Japanese article is actually not bad, but I will¬†summarize¬†key points. Aplix is a technology solution company to provide Java development platform to Japanese mobilie network providers, such as NTT Docomo, KDDI and Softbank mobile (Used to be J -phone […]

Hello world!


This is my first post at Ruby On Mobile. I do currently work as Ruby On Rails Web developer, but got interested in mobile app development, even though I don’t own any smartphones, such as iPhone, T-mobile G1 nor Blackberry. Since I don’t know anything about mobile development nor any of mobile app development languages […]