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Previously Part One – Syncing public Tweet on Rhosync server Part Two – Displaying public Tweet on iPhone Simulator At the previous 2 posts, we went through the very basic of how you write code in Rhosync and Rhodes. This time, we go through the similar steps,but additional functionalities to read and create your own […]

What we have done at previous tutorial. At the previous post, we created an Rhosync adapter to fetch public timeline of Twitter. Take a note of the url where you displayed the record, because you will need it when you build rhodes app. In my case, the url is like this. http://localhost:3000/apps/6/sources/11 “6” is id […]

Once you play with sample applications provided from rhomobile, now you might want to make something on your own. I’ve seen lots of desktop client app tutorial with “Creating Sample Twitter App” examples, so I also tried something similar. I will try to explain my code examples step by step including error messages and mistakes […]