Stanford U to open up their iphone dev lecture for free


On April Fool day, Stanford university announced something too good to be true, they are going to take video of their iPhone developer lecture and open it up on iTune for free.

The course schedule is here, and they are going to put the video a few days after each lecture.

I looked at the iTune store and the first lecture is already up.

I just bought “iPhone in Action” book and started reading it.

The book covers both iPhone Web app development and iPhone SDK development. It’s actually great book to learn when you have to understand core concepts, but it is a bit difficult when it comes to using IDE when it’s explaining like “click 3rd left button from bottom”.

One interesting thing is their sample application. They are going to create an app called “Presense” in first 4 weeks, which is basically Twitter client application.

If you  followed my tutorial of creating Twitter client app in Rhodes, it would be interesting to actually try doing the same thing using iPhone SDK & Objective C and see the difference.

I will definitely follow this lecture and may write an article about comparing development in Rhodes vs it’s native development toolkit.


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